Sunday, March 30, 2014

Waiting for spring

On the first day of spring, excitement was in the air. Some first graders were sure that our tulip bulbs would be blooming. We bundled up, and went out to check. Our bulbs were planted right in front of the steps, under all of that snow!!. We are looking forward to the snow melt, and the tulip bloom in this season.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Matisse Mini Unit

We are learning about Henri Matisse! We have been reading about his life as a painter, and as a cutout artist. We have been particularly interested in his cutouts. Students have been eager to "draw with scissors" in the style of Matisse. They have been working in cooperative groups to create murals. On Friday we will assemble the murals.
The size of the original artwork!

Our inspiration!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Flat Grant Visits Room 7

We had a visit from a flat first grader! Grant goes to school in Kentucky, and his class is learning about different communities. His aunt, Mrs. Stetter( an IA here at UES), asked if we might like to show Flat Grant around our classroom, and to show Grant and his classmates what first grade is like in Montpelier Vermont.
Well, the kids in Room 7 were so excited! We ended up keeping Flat Grant for about 3 weeks!
Flat Grant is excited to learn more about penguins!

Flat Grant hopped right on to the calendar, and surprised the class.
"This SmartBoard is really cool!"

Flat Grant can't find a ukulele.
Now he has his own!

"Math is my specialty!"

Flat Grant rests while the kids make birthday cards for the REAL Grant!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Leo Lionni

Students will participate in an author study of Leo Lionni's work following the February break. First graders will visit the Flynn Theatre, Burlington on Monday, March 10th for a production of Swimmy! one of Lionni's award winning children's stories. 

If you visit the library this week, or just take a look on your book shelves at home, consider reading a few of Lionni's stories with your child to help them prepare. INQUIRE about Leo Lionni with your child by visiting his page on the Random House website:

Here is a YouTube video of a creative read-aloud and interactive visual illustration of Swimmy! by Nathanial Coburn. Fun with shadows and simple fish cut outs that your child can re-create at home too!

Third Grade Poets Inspire!

Third graders have been working on poetry unit, and have been coming to share their poems with our class. We have learned about many poem types, including Haiku, Animal Alliteration, Cinquain, Creature Form poems, Color Poems, and Fingerprint poems. Some first graders have been inspired to write poetry in their free time!

My fingerprint
is like an endless hall
a twister from the top.
a wave you can surf.
it is just my fingerprint

No Strings Marionettes Company

We were fortunate to see a production by Dan and Barb from the "No Strings Marionettes" on Friday. This production kicks off the third grade puppet residency. it was super exciting for one of our students, as it was also his birthday. his classmates were surprised to find out that he had voiced one of the characters in the story!