Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sharing The Joy Of Reading

Sarah came in to share a Dr. Seuss classic, "Yertle  the Turtle". She brought a version that was from a Seuss collection. Everyone was excited to see such a big book! Thanks for sharing Sarah, and bonus points for tying in leadership andLincoln's  birthday too!

Community Visit- Hunger Mountain Coop

We braved very icey conditions to walk to the coop for a community visit. Upon arrival we were met with guides and a scavenger hunt.

We learned that the coop is member owned and features many products grown and made locally!!Many thanks to chaperones Mary Jo( Jo-Jo ) and Mrs. Brigham for helping us to stay safe!

Ukulele Wednesdays

Each Wednesday morning meeting we will play ukuleles together. We have some Ike's to share, and would appreciate it if your child could bring theirs to school on Wednesdays. Ms. Funk will join us when able. 

We have been practicing a variety of rhythms. We have also been exploring simple chords such as F , c7and C. 
Ask your child to share some songs at home!